Blasters and Banthas

Home Sweet Comb

They have 10 more success . one roll per week. Dran got 5 successes 5 left. 1 successes left after a second week.

They went to Haven and found an Imperial Corvette docked with Haven. The hid and tried to come up with a plan. This involved concussion missles… lies and blaming pirates. They then settled on returning to see if its all normal.

Imperial Substation 27 : AKA Haven Lieutenant Samnot

They got in the docking bay. Their lies went south and the imperial naval officer attacked. They dispatched the two troopers and LT. Went to hide in unused parts of ships.

XP 10 xp Dewtathat added xp

Part II. 40-30-5
Heading to the engine room they were ambushed by 4 troopers and a sergeant.

The discovered the work detail.

They tried to draw.
p,n,p,n,n,p,n,p,p,p Currently Cover for bunker. 4 pc,s 2 minion grunts. +3 cover

back of engine 4 grunts +2


BHPOV#2 by Lesle Canty

Able to avoid going down with his starship Lee used his escape pod to get to a very small mining station on a nearby asteroid. Lee is so thankful that he listened to his father’s advice. He can hear his father saying “put all our food rations in the escape pod because in an emergency you are not going to have enough time to put everything you need in there.” Right now this mining station is home and having only enough rations to last about 2 weeks, Lee is going to eat only half and see if he can last a month. The room is dark but using his fluorescent lights he can tell that he may be in the command center next to the docking bay. The command center opens up to other rooms. Lee is thinking that it may be best not to search the place out because he may set off silent alarms that will wake-up sleeping battle droids or bring more imps looking for him. The fact is Lee is stranded and the only hope of getting rescued is for the imps, pirates, exploders or maintenance crew to find him. Looking at the workstation he can tell that it has been a long time since anyone has been here, So, there may not even be a maintenance crew ever coming back and with his luck, he will probably get pirates looking for an easy score.

Eating, sleepy and meditating is what Lee does most of the days. Sleepy and meditating helps him save energy which helps him ration out his food better. While thinking and meditating his minds wonders about his family and the debt he owes to Gray. He knows that he does have some time to repay what his owes because Gray knows that he’s bounty hunting and tracking down a bounty does take time. Part of the deal he had with Gray was that he would leave his family on Tatooine as collateral. If Gray does become impatient, he may send a bounty hunter after him and sell him back into slavery or worst he could sell his wife and his daughter back into slavery. Lee knows that he can’t die here because his family is depending on him.

While meditating he hears a starship engine. From the sound of it, it is a nice size ship. This could be… no, will be his way off this asteroid. He can hear the ship getting closer and docking and he begins to think about how he should play this out; fight or try to charm them. If it is the empire, he has not committed any crime and he could show them his bounty hunter’s license. The worse they would do to him is put him in a holding cell until they can verify who he is. If is is pirates, they are going to try to kill him and the only way to get off the station is by killing all the pirates and using their ship. None of that sounds easy. If Lee could kill all the pirates he would have to fly a pirate ship. Flying a pirate ship on the edge is very dangerous because if you ran into anyone they are not going to hale you but attack you. So Lee would have to avoid the empire and others pirates but, first things first, he has to kill everyone. The docking is complete and he can hear more than one person walking towards the station. While hiding in the shadows, Lee awaits the encounter with his new neighbors here in the edge of the empire.


From a bounty hunter POV.

Lee Can rides in his Father’s firespray in a system he really doesn’t give a care about. He is on track to hunt down his first acquisitions as a bounty hunter. He’s lived on Tatooine for most of his life and worked as a low level slicer for a low level operative who was working for the black sun. Lee Can was able to make a few coins under the table without his owner knowing about it. While working in a warehouse as his day job, he was not seeing any of the credits because he was a slave. He began to dream of being free and traveling the galaxy. Saving most of his credits that he got from slicing, he was able to buy his freedom but didn’t have enough money to buy the freedom of his wife and his daughter. Borrowing 30k to free his wife and daughter, he is now in debt to a guy they called Gray. Why is he called Gray? Because if you don’t pay up, he makes your life gray, dead gray. Inheriting his father’s ship, he set out to acquire the credits to pay back Gray.

Flying in his ship Lee began to daydream of being with his family. This one bounty is going to be enough to pay back all his debt. The Imp really want this guy back fast. Rumor is that he has information and details on what destroyed Alderaan. This guy was a high level Imp who escaped from the empire and has been selling what he knows to the highest bidder. His bounty was at 10k but jump up to 30k. Now every Imp and bounty hunter is looking for this guy. This guy is smart. He is not sitting in one place but is moving from place to place. But, his weakness is that he is selling what his know to scums and villains, who will sell him out for the right price. When Lee Can started this hunt he felt he was always 3 steps behind him but now he thinks he is only 1 step behind him now. The last information was from a bartender just 12 hours ago told him that he was looking to hide out the the Parkis system. When he catches him, maybe he will tell Lee Can what he knows and he can sell that information to the rebellion for more weapons and upgrades to his ship. They should go for that instead of paying Lee Can credits. Lee Can has no love for the empire and thinks what they are doing is wrong but, right now he needs their credits to pay what he owes..

While still daydreaming about love, credits and glory he notices that his ship’s alarms had been beeping and he didn’t notice. When he checks to see what is wrong, he sees that he is under attack by 6 tie starfighters and they are firing on him. He tries to communicate to the tie fighters letting them know that he is a bounty hunter and he is hunting down a bounty for the empire. So, technically he is on their side!! Not being able to out maneuver and taking too many critical hits to the ship. Lee thinks it is best to use the escape pod. Lee’s daydream has now become a nightmare in the edge of the empire.

A Small Favor - 9/18/13 Play Session

After a week at Phoenix Station, the team had largely recovered from their shootout with the battle droids at the mining camp, and ship repairs had been made. Dewtatha, Dran, and Gru’udo all had a chance to get to know Lee Can. Lee, they realized, filled a gap that the party had been missing all along, without knowing it.

As Dran raised cash by selling some spare blaster rifles and ore, Gru’udo received a message which he viewed privately. It seems his old acquaintance Hauf Sanderson, now of the Imperial Navy, was calling in a favor from Gru’udo: sweep some pirates out of a sector of the mining asteroids. He reminded Gru’udo that without Hauf’s timely warning to evacuate Alderaan, he would have been little more than one of millions of voices who found themselves suddenly crying out in terror.

As the party prepared to set out for the next mining camp, Gru’udo revealed to them the source of the warning to leave Alderaan and what was now asked of him. Dran pointed out that it might be possible to explore the next mining camp and abide Hauf’s wishes at the same time. Dewtatha took an opportunity to vent about the Empire and swore that if Hauf’s enemies ended up being rebels, he would not raise a hand against them. The party agreed they would try to help Gru’udo, but would stop short of helping the Empire stamp out a rebel cell, if that’s what they found.

As the ship approached the next mining camp, Dran spotted three starfighters lurking in the shadows of an asteroid, and the team leapt to action. Gru’udo’s fancy flying disrupted the droid-helmed fighters and kept them working hard to maneuver to keep out of the way of the ship’s gun and with the aft of the Phaeton I in their crosshairs. Lee discovered that operating being a ship’s gunner was a previously untapped talent and he adeptly picked off two of the ships. Meanwhile, Dran and Dewtatha worked to optimize the ship’s defensive capabilities and make some basic repairs. In a decisive final stroke, Gru’udo rammed the final fighter, leaving their enemies as so much scrap metal and allowing the Phaeton I to limp off to fight another day.

Yes Lee Can - 9/11/13 Play Session

The intrepid adventurers set out to explore another mining camp, and as the ship approached they noticed the camp’s unique shape as a nexus of machinery between several smaller asteroids. After docking, the crew began to explore the new camp, and found it was inhabited by the human Lee Can, who apparently had come to the camp by escape pod after being shot down by Imperial forces. Lee agreed to join the motley crew of the Phaeton I, especially since it sounded better than remaining stranded at an abandoned mining camp with very little to eat except a few bland rations from Kashyyk. A somewhat paranoid Dewtatha snuck away from the group, hoping a little snooping would reveal whether Lee’s story was truthful or if he might secretly be an agent of the Empire. His inspection of Lee’s ship and quarters satisfied him that Lee was not a secret Imperial, but unfortunately Dewtatha got turned around and couldn’t find his way back to the main engine room of the camp.

After the team got the camp in working mechanical condition, they began to search the camp and found some items worth salvaging. Unfortunately, they also ran afoul of a group of battle droids who came out with blaster rifles firing. The concentrated their fire on Dewtatha, who took wound damage as the rest of the party picked off the droids. After a fierce battle, Dewie received some much needed first aid while Dran oversaw a comprehensive dismantling of the camp for salvageable materials.

The group headed back to Phoenix Station with a plan to repair their ship, sell their wares, and heal their Wookiee.

Asteroid Crawl - 8/28/13

On the abandoned asteroid Camp 45, the party had made a new ally in the droid R6-4M (after application of a handy restraining bolt). With R6’s help, they were able to restore the camp to partial functioning and rid the camp of vermin.

Gu’udo, Dewtatha, and Dran headed out to explore the next asteroid camp. After a space walk to hook up an airlock, Dran was able to create enough of a seal with the abandoned camp in order to gain access to inside. Gu’udo and Dewtatha remained in the ship, alert to enemies who might come sniffing around the asteroid. Dran discovered that the camp had at least one living inhabitant — a mold-like organism that seemed to thrive on energy. After discovering and destroying the mold’s “nest”, Dran was able to determine that the organism seemed to hatch out of a pod he found in a damaged shipping container that had been left at the camp.

Meanwhile, Dewtatha and Gu’udo shut down all systems on the ship and did their best imitation of a piece of boring space junk when an Imperial patrol spotted their ship and planted a homing beacon on the hull. Ultimately, they were able to neutralize this beacon, and they hoped to continue to fly under the radar of the Empire (both literally and figuratively) for as long as they possibly could.

Collecting the remains of the mold’s pod and some raw material to make a few ship repairs and what they hoped was valuable ore, they returned to Phoenix Station. Unfortunately, their efforts to negotiate a high price for their ore was unsuccessful. The adventure did net a full complement of space suits for all members of the party, however — including one which was Wookiee-sized.

Asteroid Antics 8/21/13
It's a rocky System out there.. take a wookie

The players arrived in the Parkis system. All of them feeling the drain of the last few weeks.

Through cracker jack thinking and handy maneuvering the characters land on an almost deserted Phoenix Station. A bastion of Rebel hope at the edge of the system. Several years ago the Imperials at Imperial Mining Consortium 874 strengthened their hold on the system.

Freelance traders, once filling Phoenix Stations bins, were “escorted” to “official” mining stations where their ore was purchased for low rates. The Phoenix station of today is a husk of what it once was.

There they met Colonel Sarik Fel. The highest ranking rebel officer in the area. The crew offered their services to the Col in exchange for parts and supplies. Sarik gave them four keys to small mining camps that had played out and were no longer used. Camp 45, Adrian’s Point, Needer Lander, and Lodestone.

The players went to camp 45, the largest of the four. They landed and managed to get the power back into the docking bay. They found evidence of a fight, although the bodies appeared to have been left for several years.

Finding the main control room they discovered several blaster shots and destroyed equipment. After much adjusting Dran discovered that something had rerouted the computer controls to the fusion generator.

At the same time Gu’udo discovered a room with a living beast.. Horrible as it was it shook Gu’udo to his core. At least that’s what Dewatha thought.

They discovered that someone had also pulled the power from the lights down a passage. They forwarded toward the fusion room and it became apparent that the culprit was an astromech droid. R6-4M.

Unwanted Imperial Attention
Play Session 1 - 7/31/13


As the adventure begins, the Phaeton I, a Wayfarer-class medium transport had dropped out of hyperspace not far from its origin the Core world of Alderaan. Aboard the ship were the ship’s human owner, Ricas Chumm and his primary crew of the Rodian explorer and pilot Gu’udo and the human Dran Vasch, a mechanic specializing in droids. Gu’udo received a mysterious tip from an old acquaintance that he should find a way to leave Alderaan immediately, giving the crew an opportunity to urgently power up their ship for departure before a cataclysmic event occurred. Also joining the crew just before departure were the Wookiee mechanic Dewtatha and the human doctor and politico Julian Marshall.

A massive explosion of unclear origin and size occurred just as the Phaeton I prepared to enter hyperspace, knocking the ship off course and damaging various components of the ship and gravely wounding Ricas Chumm as well as seriously wounding Gu’udo. Julian worked frantically to stave off Ricas’s death and tend to Gu’udo’s wounds while Dewtatha and Dran worked to get the ship in working condition so that the ship could make it to a medical outpost in time to prevent Ricas’s demise. Alas, the crew’s best provided to be unequal to the task of saving Ricas, but Ricas willed the ship to the stalwart crew as a final act.

Gu’udo slowly regained his strength; Julian anticipated he would recover fully in time, but emergency surgery meant that he required sedation while undergoing recovery.

Dewtatha successfully navigated the ship to the nearby Tyed Kant star system, where the gas giant planet Tyed Kant appeared to be a largely agricultural planet that supplied meats and produce to the Empire.

Julian secured permission to land in the Tyed Kant spaceport, spinning a story about a planned shipment to deliver but having been caught in an ion storm. This story was accepted by the spaceport’s main Imperial officer Mason Frin but his underling Sharp York was suspicious about the intentions of those aboard the vessel.

Upon landing, Dran and Julian disembarked to meet the representatives of the Empire and inspect the ship’s damage, while Dewtatha remained aboard the ship to avoid unduly raising Imperial eyebrows by the presence of a Wookiee. Julian and Captain Frin struck up an easy rapport while Lieutenant York continued to suspect deception and intrigue. Julian and Dran returned aboard the ship to discuss their next move, and a smoldering Dewtatha, always put on edge by simply the sight of an Imperial insignia, proposed a plot to strike a blow against the Empire. He suggested finding a way to use the ship to move supplies coming from Tyed Kant for the Empire, allowing them to use the aura of legitimacy from being a crew of a transport freighter coming from an Imperial agricultural world to gain access to some crucial Imperial asset for the purposes of sabotage. While Dran and Julian began to discuss the merits of this idea, the party became aware that someone was lurking and eavesdropping on the conversation through the ship’s open hatch. Being spotted, the underhanded Lieutenant York fled and the party gave chase. Cornered and faced with blasters pointed in his direction and a 7 foot tall Wookiee with an angry howl, York retained his defiant attitude remarkably bravely even after being captured and bound, accusing the ship’s crew of plotting acts of terrorism against the Empire. Dran attempted to explain that the group had been discussing their business plans and York had simply misheard the conversation; Julian contacted Captain Frin to ask for his assistance in dealing with the junior officer. Captain Frin arrived but appeared more wary of the party, perhaps unsettled by the previously undisclosed Wookiee. He mag-locked the ship in the hangar bay and departed after instructing the ship’s crew to remain where they were while an investigation was initiated.

It was about this time that the gravity of the situation began to be evident to the party and they began to hatch an escape plot. While pretending to make repairs to the exterior of the ship, Dran made careful note of the location of the cameras monitoring the hangar bay and noted that with some care, the key cameras could be blocked so that the technician could attempt to slice the computer system controlling the bay’s mag-lock, enabling the ship to escape. Dran’s slice was successful and the party boarded the ship and hastily took off, hoping to survive long enough to make the jump to hyperspace.

Alerted to the escape of possible enemies of the Empire, twin ion engine (TIE) fighters pursued the ship and fired upon the party. As the crew worked feverishly to successfully make a hyperspace jump, the TIE fighters pounded the vessel, which took grueling damage in spite of attempts to angle the ship’s deflector shields. Eventually the ship’s navicomputer was able to produce the appropriate coordinates and the Phaeton I escaped the TIE fighter onslaught to find themselves in the Parkis system. The system was largely dedicated to mining and contained many meteors. After the action on Tyed Kant, the crew of the ship hope this system would offer a chance for the party to regroup and plan their next move…

A Narrow Escape
Story Setting

Episode I

A timely warning has helped an unlikely starship crew narrowly escape the planet of Alderaan immediately before its destruction. Rocked by the blast, the Phaeton I sustained heavy damage and was forced to drop out of hyperspace and tend to the injuries of the ship and its crew, who are unaware that they have just witnessed the planet-destroying power of the Death Star…

Surviving Alderaan
So it begins

Alderaan explosion

Having barely survived the destruction of Alderaan the players are thrust into the galactic war. Whether they like it or not.


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