Blasters and Banthas

A Small Favor - 9/18/13 Play Session

After a week at Phoenix Station, the team had largely recovered from their shootout with the battle droids at the mining camp, and ship repairs had been made. Dewtatha, Dran, and Gru’udo all had a chance to get to know Lee Can. Lee, they realized, filled a gap that the party had been missing all along, without knowing it.

As Dran raised cash by selling some spare blaster rifles and ore, Gru’udo received a message which he viewed privately. It seems his old acquaintance Hauf Sanderson, now of the Imperial Navy, was calling in a favor from Gru’udo: sweep some pirates out of a sector of the mining asteroids. He reminded Gru’udo that without Hauf’s timely warning to evacuate Alderaan, he would have been little more than one of millions of voices who found themselves suddenly crying out in terror.

As the party prepared to set out for the next mining camp, Gru’udo revealed to them the source of the warning to leave Alderaan and what was now asked of him. Dran pointed out that it might be possible to explore the next mining camp and abide Hauf’s wishes at the same time. Dewtatha took an opportunity to vent about the Empire and swore that if Hauf’s enemies ended up being rebels, he would not raise a hand against them. The party agreed they would try to help Gru’udo, but would stop short of helping the Empire stamp out a rebel cell, if that’s what they found.

As the ship approached the next mining camp, Dran spotted three starfighters lurking in the shadows of an asteroid, and the team leapt to action. Gru’udo’s fancy flying disrupted the droid-helmed fighters and kept them working hard to maneuver to keep out of the way of the ship’s gun and with the aft of the Phaeton I in their crosshairs. Lee discovered that operating being a ship’s gunner was a previously untapped talent and he adeptly picked off two of the ships. Meanwhile, Dran and Dewtatha worked to optimize the ship’s defensive capabilities and make some basic repairs. In a decisive final stroke, Gru’udo rammed the final fighter, leaving their enemies as so much scrap metal and allowing the Phaeton I to limp off to fight another day.


DragonsBay BrianKurtz

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