Blasters and Banthas

Asteroid Antics 8/21/13

It's a rocky System out there.. take a wookie

The players arrived in the Parkis system. All of them feeling the drain of the last few weeks.

Through cracker jack thinking and handy maneuvering the characters land on an almost deserted Phoenix Station. A bastion of Rebel hope at the edge of the system. Several years ago the Imperials at Imperial Mining Consortium 874 strengthened their hold on the system.

Freelance traders, once filling Phoenix Stations bins, were “escorted” to “official” mining stations where their ore was purchased for low rates. The Phoenix station of today is a husk of what it once was.

There they met Colonel Sarik Fel. The highest ranking rebel officer in the area. The crew offered their services to the Col in exchange for parts and supplies. Sarik gave them four keys to small mining camps that had played out and were no longer used. Camp 45, Adrian’s Point, Needer Lander, and Lodestone.

The players went to camp 45, the largest of the four. They landed and managed to get the power back into the docking bay. They found evidence of a fight, although the bodies appeared to have been left for several years.

Finding the main control room they discovered several blaster shots and destroyed equipment. After much adjusting Dran discovered that something had rerouted the computer controls to the fusion generator.

At the same time Gu’udo discovered a room with a living beast.. Horrible as it was it shook Gu’udo to his core. At least that’s what Dewatha thought.

They discovered that someone had also pulled the power from the lights down a passage. They forwarded toward the fusion room and it became apparent that the culprit was an astromech droid. R6-4M.


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