Blasters and Banthas

Asteroid Crawl - 8/28/13

On the abandoned asteroid Camp 45, the party had made a new ally in the droid R6-4M (after application of a handy restraining bolt). With R6’s help, they were able to restore the camp to partial functioning and rid the camp of vermin.

Gu’udo, Dewtatha, and Dran headed out to explore the next asteroid camp. After a space walk to hook up an airlock, Dran was able to create enough of a seal with the abandoned camp in order to gain access to inside. Gu’udo and Dewtatha remained in the ship, alert to enemies who might come sniffing around the asteroid. Dran discovered that the camp had at least one living inhabitant — a mold-like organism that seemed to thrive on energy. After discovering and destroying the mold’s “nest”, Dran was able to determine that the organism seemed to hatch out of a pod he found in a damaged shipping container that had been left at the camp.

Meanwhile, Dewtatha and Gu’udo shut down all systems on the ship and did their best imitation of a piece of boring space junk when an Imperial patrol spotted their ship and planted a homing beacon on the hull. Ultimately, they were able to neutralize this beacon, and they hoped to continue to fly under the radar of the Empire (both literally and figuratively) for as long as they possibly could.

Collecting the remains of the mold’s pod and some raw material to make a few ship repairs and what they hoped was valuable ore, they returned to Phoenix Station. Unfortunately, their efforts to negotiate a high price for their ore was unsuccessful. The adventure did net a full complement of space suits for all members of the party, however — including one which was Wookiee-sized.


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