Blasters and Banthas


From a bounty hunter POV.

Lee Can rides in his Father’s firespray in a system he really doesn’t give a care about. He is on track to hunt down his first acquisitions as a bounty hunter. He’s lived on Tatooine for most of his life and worked as a low level slicer for a low level operative who was working for the black sun. Lee Can was able to make a few coins under the table without his owner knowing about it. While working in a warehouse as his day job, he was not seeing any of the credits because he was a slave. He began to dream of being free and traveling the galaxy. Saving most of his credits that he got from slicing, he was able to buy his freedom but didn’t have enough money to buy the freedom of his wife and his daughter. Borrowing 30k to free his wife and daughter, he is now in debt to a guy they called Gray. Why is he called Gray? Because if you don’t pay up, he makes your life gray, dead gray. Inheriting his father’s ship, he set out to acquire the credits to pay back Gray.

Flying in his ship Lee began to daydream of being with his family. This one bounty is going to be enough to pay back all his debt. The Imp really want this guy back fast. Rumor is that he has information and details on what destroyed Alderaan. This guy was a high level Imp who escaped from the empire and has been selling what he knows to the highest bidder. His bounty was at 10k but jump up to 30k. Now every Imp and bounty hunter is looking for this guy. This guy is smart. He is not sitting in one place but is moving from place to place. But, his weakness is that he is selling what his know to scums and villains, who will sell him out for the right price. When Lee Can started this hunt he felt he was always 3 steps behind him but now he thinks he is only 1 step behind him now. The last information was from a bartender just 12 hours ago told him that he was looking to hide out the the Parkis system. When he catches him, maybe he will tell Lee Can what he knows and he can sell that information to the rebellion for more weapons and upgrades to his ship. They should go for that instead of paying Lee Can credits. Lee Can has no love for the empire and thinks what they are doing is wrong but, right now he needs their credits to pay what he owes..

While still daydreaming about love, credits and glory he notices that his ship’s alarms had been beeping and he didn’t notice. When he checks to see what is wrong, he sees that he is under attack by 6 tie starfighters and they are firing on him. He tries to communicate to the tie fighters letting them know that he is a bounty hunter and he is hunting down a bounty for the empire. So, technically he is on their side!! Not being able to out maneuver and taking too many critical hits to the ship. Lee thinks it is best to use the escape pod. Lee’s daydream has now become a nightmare in the edge of the empire.


3 XP

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