Blasters and Banthas

BHPOV#2 by Lesle Canty

Able to avoid going down with his starship Lee used his escape pod to get to a very small mining station on a nearby asteroid. Lee is so thankful that he listened to his father’s advice. He can hear his father saying “put all our food rations in the escape pod because in an emergency you are not going to have enough time to put everything you need in there.” Right now this mining station is home and having only enough rations to last about 2 weeks, Lee is going to eat only half and see if he can last a month. The room is dark but using his fluorescent lights he can tell that he may be in the command center next to the docking bay. The command center opens up to other rooms. Lee is thinking that it may be best not to search the place out because he may set off silent alarms that will wake-up sleeping battle droids or bring more imps looking for him. The fact is Lee is stranded and the only hope of getting rescued is for the imps, pirates, exploders or maintenance crew to find him. Looking at the workstation he can tell that it has been a long time since anyone has been here, So, there may not even be a maintenance crew ever coming back and with his luck, he will probably get pirates looking for an easy score.

Eating, sleepy and meditating is what Lee does most of the days. Sleepy and meditating helps him save energy which helps him ration out his food better. While thinking and meditating his minds wonders about his family and the debt he owes to Gray. He knows that he does have some time to repay what his owes because Gray knows that he’s bounty hunting and tracking down a bounty does take time. Part of the deal he had with Gray was that he would leave his family on Tatooine as collateral. If Gray does become impatient, he may send a bounty hunter after him and sell him back into slavery or worst he could sell his wife and his daughter back into slavery. Lee knows that he can’t die here because his family is depending on him.

While meditating he hears a starship engine. From the sound of it, it is a nice size ship. This could be… no, will be his way off this asteroid. He can hear the ship getting closer and docking and he begins to think about how he should play this out; fight or try to charm them. If it is the empire, he has not committed any crime and he could show them his bounty hunter’s license. The worse they would do to him is put him in a holding cell until they can verify who he is. If is is pirates, they are going to try to kill him and the only way to get off the station is by killing all the pirates and using their ship. None of that sounds easy. If Lee could kill all the pirates he would have to fly a pirate ship. Flying a pirate ship on the edge is very dangerous because if you ran into anyone they are not going to hale you but attack you. So Lee would have to avoid the empire and others pirates but, first things first, he has to kill everyone. The docking is complete and he can hear more than one person walking towards the station. While hiding in the shadows, Lee awaits the encounter with his new neighbors here in the edge of the empire.


DragonsBay LeslieCanty

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