Blasters and Banthas

Unwanted Imperial Attention

Play Session 1 - 7/31/13


As the adventure begins, the Phaeton I, a Wayfarer-class medium transport had dropped out of hyperspace not far from its origin the Core world of Alderaan. Aboard the ship were the ship’s human owner, Ricas Chumm and his primary crew of the Rodian explorer and pilot Gu’udo and the human Dran Vasch, a mechanic specializing in droids. Gu’udo received a mysterious tip from an old acquaintance that he should find a way to leave Alderaan immediately, giving the crew an opportunity to urgently power up their ship for departure before a cataclysmic event occurred. Also joining the crew just before departure were the Wookiee mechanic Dewtatha and the human doctor and politico Julian Marshall.

A massive explosion of unclear origin and size occurred just as the Phaeton I prepared to enter hyperspace, knocking the ship off course and damaging various components of the ship and gravely wounding Ricas Chumm as well as seriously wounding Gu’udo. Julian worked frantically to stave off Ricas’s death and tend to Gu’udo’s wounds while Dewtatha and Dran worked to get the ship in working condition so that the ship could make it to a medical outpost in time to prevent Ricas’s demise. Alas, the crew’s best provided to be unequal to the task of saving Ricas, but Ricas willed the ship to the stalwart crew as a final act.

Gu’udo slowly regained his strength; Julian anticipated he would recover fully in time, but emergency surgery meant that he required sedation while undergoing recovery.

Dewtatha successfully navigated the ship to the nearby Tyed Kant star system, where the gas giant planet Tyed Kant appeared to be a largely agricultural planet that supplied meats and produce to the Empire.

Julian secured permission to land in the Tyed Kant spaceport, spinning a story about a planned shipment to deliver but having been caught in an ion storm. This story was accepted by the spaceport’s main Imperial officer Mason Frin but his underling Sharp York was suspicious about the intentions of those aboard the vessel.

Upon landing, Dran and Julian disembarked to meet the representatives of the Empire and inspect the ship’s damage, while Dewtatha remained aboard the ship to avoid unduly raising Imperial eyebrows by the presence of a Wookiee. Julian and Captain Frin struck up an easy rapport while Lieutenant York continued to suspect deception and intrigue. Julian and Dran returned aboard the ship to discuss their next move, and a smoldering Dewtatha, always put on edge by simply the sight of an Imperial insignia, proposed a plot to strike a blow against the Empire. He suggested finding a way to use the ship to move supplies coming from Tyed Kant for the Empire, allowing them to use the aura of legitimacy from being a crew of a transport freighter coming from an Imperial agricultural world to gain access to some crucial Imperial asset for the purposes of sabotage. While Dran and Julian began to discuss the merits of this idea, the party became aware that someone was lurking and eavesdropping on the conversation through the ship’s open hatch. Being spotted, the underhanded Lieutenant York fled and the party gave chase. Cornered and faced with blasters pointed in his direction and a 7 foot tall Wookiee with an angry howl, York retained his defiant attitude remarkably bravely even after being captured and bound, accusing the ship’s crew of plotting acts of terrorism against the Empire. Dran attempted to explain that the group had been discussing their business plans and York had simply misheard the conversation; Julian contacted Captain Frin to ask for his assistance in dealing with the junior officer. Captain Frin arrived but appeared more wary of the party, perhaps unsettled by the previously undisclosed Wookiee. He mag-locked the ship in the hangar bay and departed after instructing the ship’s crew to remain where they were while an investigation was initiated.

It was about this time that the gravity of the situation began to be evident to the party and they began to hatch an escape plot. While pretending to make repairs to the exterior of the ship, Dran made careful note of the location of the cameras monitoring the hangar bay and noted that with some care, the key cameras could be blocked so that the technician could attempt to slice the computer system controlling the bay’s mag-lock, enabling the ship to escape. Dran’s slice was successful and the party boarded the ship and hastily took off, hoping to survive long enough to make the jump to hyperspace.

Alerted to the escape of possible enemies of the Empire, twin ion engine (TIE) fighters pursued the ship and fired upon the party. As the crew worked feverishly to successfully make a hyperspace jump, the TIE fighters pounded the vessel, which took grueling damage in spite of attempts to angle the ship’s deflector shields. Eventually the ship’s navicomputer was able to produce the appropriate coordinates and the Phaeton I escaped the TIE fighter onslaught to find themselves in the Parkis system. The system was largely dedicated to mining and contained many meteors. After the action on Tyed Kant, the crew of the ship hope this system would offer a chance for the party to regroup and plan their next move…


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