Blasters and Banthas

Yes Lee Can - 9/11/13 Play Session

The intrepid adventurers set out to explore another mining camp, and as the ship approached they noticed the camp’s unique shape as a nexus of machinery between several smaller asteroids. After docking, the crew began to explore the new camp, and found it was inhabited by the human Lee Can, who apparently had come to the camp by escape pod after being shot down by Imperial forces. Lee agreed to join the motley crew of the Phaeton I, especially since it sounded better than remaining stranded at an abandoned mining camp with very little to eat except a few bland rations from Kashyyk. A somewhat paranoid Dewtatha snuck away from the group, hoping a little snooping would reveal whether Lee’s story was truthful or if he might secretly be an agent of the Empire. His inspection of Lee’s ship and quarters satisfied him that Lee was not a secret Imperial, but unfortunately Dewtatha got turned around and couldn’t find his way back to the main engine room of the camp.

After the team got the camp in working mechanical condition, they began to search the camp and found some items worth salvaging. Unfortunately, they also ran afoul of a group of battle droids who came out with blaster rifles firing. The concentrated their fire on Dewtatha, who took wound damage as the rest of the party picked off the droids. After a fierce battle, Dewie received some much needed first aid while Dran oversaw a comprehensive dismantling of the camp for salvageable materials.

The group headed back to Phoenix Station with a plan to repair their ship, sell their wares, and heal their Wookiee.


DragonsBay BrianKurtz

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