Rodian Scout with a backpack and a big rifle.


Rodian with orange tipped fringe over the top of his green skinned skull.
brawn 2, agility 4, Intellect 2, cunning 2, willpower 1, presence 2
astrogation 1, cool 1 2, medicine 2, perception 1 2, piloting space 2, piloting air 1, survival 2
Gunnery 1, ranged light 1, ranged heavy 2
Talents/Special Abilities:
expert tracker, stalker, shortcut, uncanny senses, forager X2, Rapid Recovery
Other Handy Stats:
force rating 1, wound 12, stun 11, Soak 2
Gru udo for the web
Blaster Rifle —long range, 9 damage, critical 3 —Like Luke’s in A New Hope
Breath Mask
Climbing Gear
Comlink (handheld)
Crash Survival Kit
Utility Belt
10 Ration Packs
—Does not always have the full kit unless he figures on being off the ship for any length of time.

owes a favor to an imperial officer (15)


Gu’udo is a fairly average young Rodian male in that he has been raised with the ideals of the hunt. He was born and raised on Tatooine, leaving for his first hunt when his fifteenth year began. He rapidly gained confidence in many fields.

He has been thinking a lot about the open plains and the skies of Tatooine of late, having been cooped up in ships and stations so much. Learning to shoot fast around corners and so forth, he is gaining his ground under the strange conditions.


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