Lieutenant Hauf Sanderson

Imperial Navy officer who grew up with Gu'udo


Short and thin, Hauf was never that imposing. He uses his rank like a sledgehammer to force respect from his men. His troops admire his tactical skills but loathe his presence. The less they have to do with him, the better.


Haufy, as he was called back in the old days, was a smallish child. He always seemed to be picked on by the other boys and thus made friends with aliens as a safety precaution.

Hauf never really liked Gu-udo and always let him know that he was better because he was human. But, when Gu-do would get fed up with his antics he always apologized and pleaded to stay near him. His fear of the bullies was greater than his pride.

This all changed when he came of age. At the first chance he joined the Imperial Navy. While he hated having to run to an alien for protection he kept in contact with Gu-Udo. Perhaps a part of him DID appreciate Gu-udo or perhaps it was a part that saw him as a useful tool.

For whatever reason Gu-Udo received a warning from Hauf about the impending raid on Alderann. Now he’s looking to be paid back for what he believes is a life debt.

Lieutenant Hauf Sanderson

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