Sergeant Slag "Groundpounder" Sumana

Rough and Ready shock trooper of the rebellion.


As his nickname implies, Slag is an low ranking officer in the Rebel ground forces. Slag is a friendly sort who likes to drink his liquor and tell the dirtiest jokes he knows. He’s crude and opinionated. However once he has your back, he has it for good. He has no compunction on calling in favors to support his squad in their fight against the empire.

Brawn: 3 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 2 Cunning: 2 Willpower: 3 Presence: 2
Soak: 5 Wound Threshold: 15 Defense: 0/0

Athletics 2,Discipline 2, Leadership 3, Melee 2, Ranged (heavy) 2, Ranged (Light) 2, Resilience 2, Vigilance 2.

Talents: Adversary 1 (upgrade difficulty on all combat checks against this target once.)

Abilities: Tactical Direction (May spend a maneuver to direct Rebel minions. They get a free maneuver or add a BOOST die to their next roll)
Heavy Blaster, Vibro Knife, 2 frag grenades, laminate Armor (+2 soak)


Slag and his troop were on a mission on Tatooine. They were sent to escort a highly placed dignitary that was going to give much needed information to the rebellion.

This dignitary was coming to the planet with their entourage. This entourage included one, Dran Vash. During the extraction the troop was set upon by storm troopers. During the chase Dran Vash, the dignitary’s personal mechanic was shot in the leg.

Although it was not his mission to save the mechanic; and the dignitary, caring only for himself, told Slag to leave him; Slag ignored his order and went back and helped Dran escape.

Once the mission was over Dran left the employ of the selfish dignitary and found work with a Smuggler named Ricas. Slag kept in touch, occasionally meeting up with him for drinks and such.

Sergeant Slag "Groundpounder" Sumana

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