Wookiee, Technician: Mechanic


Soak Value: 3
Wounds Threshold: 23 (14 + brawn + toughened rank x3)
Wounds Current (9/25/13): 0
Strain Threshold: 11 (8 + willpower + grit rank)
Strain Current: 0
Defense: 0


Brawn: 3
Agility: 3 (increased from 2 to 3 due to Dedication from mechanic talent tree)
Intellect: 2
Cunning: 2
Willpower: 2 (increased from 1 to 2 for 20XP at character creation)
Presence: 2


Astrogation – 2
Coercion – 1
Mechanics – 2
Piloting – Planetary – 1
Piloting – Space – 2
Skulduggery – 1
Vigilance – 1
Brawl – 1
Knowledge (Outer Rim) – 1
Ranged (Heavy) – 1

Custom Skill:
Wookiee Rage – +1 Brawl/Melee when wounded; +2 Brawl/Melee if critically injured

Motivation: Cause – Destroy the Empire
Obligation: Oath – Vengeance Against the Empire for Wookiee Mistreatment; Magnitude 20


Tool Kit (on ship)
Blaster pistol (group)

Remaining credits:

Language: speaks Shriiwook and understands Basic and can communicate in Basic using datapad, if available, but cannot speak Basic


Solid Repairs (Rank 1) – Repair +1 hull trauma per rank of solid repairs when repairing a vehicle or starship

Grit (Rank 1) – Each rank increases character’s strain threshold by one

Toughened (Rank 3) – Wound threshold increased by two per rank of toughened

Feral Strength (Rank 1) – Add 1 damage per rank of Feral Strength to one hit of successful attacks made using Brawl or Melee skills

Bad Motivator – Once per session, can take action to make a Hard (3 dice) mechanics check. If successful, one device spontaneously fails due to the character’s involvement or because it was about to fail anyway

Fine Tuning – When reducing the amount of strain strain a starship of vehicle suffers, reduce 1 additional strain per rank of Fine Tuning

Available XP beginning of 1/22/14 session: 39 XP


Dewtatha was grew up as a young Wookiee on a Kashyyyk which was enslaved to the Empire. He saw his once-proud parents, Frotatha and Isshryyhn, and others in his clan, used as slave labor to build the technology the Empire needed to fuel its terrible space stations. It was rumored these Imperial space stations were fearsome enough to destroy a planet.

Dewtatha and his twin brother Jitatha were born while the clan toiled under the control of the Empire, although the Wookiee shaman Katurra pronounced that the birth of twins, rare among Wookiees, signified a destiny that the name of these two Wookiees would someday strike awe across the galaxy, far beyond Kashyyyk. Dewtatha and Jitatha developed a close bond. Jitatha’s feats of athletic prowess in the wilds of the forest planet earned him renown throughout the clan, and other Wookiees spoke of Jitatha as a future great warrior. Dewtatha secretly craved this kind of admiration and grew to envy his brother’s strength, although he loved him still.

The young Wookiees’ parents grieved mightily at the thought that their children would know only slavery to the Empire. Well aware of Katurra’s prophetic words, they secretly planned for them to escape Kashyyyk after their coming-of-age ceremony. Frotatha and Isshryyhn knew they would be killed when the brothers’ escape was discovered, but they faced this bravely and impressed upon the brothers their duty to right the terrible injustice inflicted upon the Wookiees by the Empire. At the ceremony, the brothers took an oath of vengeance against the Empire.

After completing the oath and the sacred coming of age ritual, Jitatha and Dewtatha crept through the jungles of Kashyyyk to the spacecraft which had been arranged for their escape. They had no idea that someone had tipped off agents of the Empire, who ambushed the brothers at the spacecraft. In the ensuing struggle, Jitatha heroically killed the three Imperial agents, but was fatally shot. A heavily wounded Dewtatha managed to escape Kashyyyk with his brother’s death howl echoing in his ears, a bitter anger in his heart, and a wish to see the Empire burn for its crimes against his race and his clan. Dewtatha can only assume that his parents and who knows how many of his clansmen on Kashyyyk also gave their lives in retribution after Dewtatha escaped.

For the past few years, Dewtatha has been laying low, honing his skills as a pilot and mechanic, and waiting for an opportunity to strike a crippling blow against the Empire. He has traveled from star system to star system, knowing that he will never truly be at peace until the Empire lies in ruins and the proud Wookie people once again are masters of their own destiny.


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