Blasters and Banthas

Home Sweet Comb

They have 10 more success . one roll per week. Dran got 5 successes 5 left. 1 successes left after a second week.

They went to Haven and found an Imperial Corvette docked with Haven. The hid and tried to come up with a plan. This involved concussion missles… lies and blaming pirates. They then settled on returning to see if its all normal.

Imperial Substation 27 : AKA Haven Lieutenant Samnot

They got in the docking bay. Their lies went south and the imperial naval officer attacked. They dispatched the two troopers and LT. Went to hide in unused parts of ships.

XP 10 xp Dewtathat added xp

Part II. 40-30-5
Heading to the engine room they were ambushed by 4 troopers and a sergeant.

The discovered the work detail.

They tried to draw.
p,n,p,n,n,p,n,p,p,p Currently Cover for bunker. 4 pc,s 2 minion grunts. +3 cover

back of engine 4 grunts +2



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